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Search Engine Marketing

Now we are going to know in detail about What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Through both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we can bring traffic to our blog, website. But if we want to bring traffic to our website through search engine optimization (SEO), then for that we have to keep our website updated regularly. Also, it is important to have good quality keywords in any content/article we will write in our website.

What is SEM

Brief Introduction to SEO and SEM

Good quality keywords mean that people type what they are looking for on the Internet search engine. If you look at the screenshot given below, then this search “Curry” has been inserted in the online search engine. In the Google search engine, right below the ads appearing on the first and second numbers, there is an ad written in English next to the name of the website. Both trees are advertisements. After that the result of number three is visible, this is the result obtained from search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEM

In the same way, if you look closely at this second screenshot below, it has the top tourist places in India written in Google search engine. The results are visible here. In this, you do not see any tree advertisement because any tourist company hotel companies related to this keyword have not placed ads on this keyword. Therefore, the result has been obtained on the basis of SEO on a number in the result. Any company or blogger who has written a blog on this topic of tourist places, their blogs are appearing here according to their keywords and the factor of SEO.

While there are more than 200 important factors of search engine optimization (SEO), we have to pay close attention to genes. Even after doing so, it can take at least 6 to 12 months or more for our website to appear in Google’s search engine.

What is Search Engine Marketing

Through the same search engine marketing (SEM), we can show our website to people in a few minutes, but we have to buy advertisements on these search engines for that. SEM Marketing is just like we advertise in local news papers and television, we can also place advertisements on search engines, but advertising on newspapers and television makes advertising on search engines much more cheap and effective.

When people advertise on newspapers and television, their advertisement is visible to all the people in the entire area they have selected. Even if those people have nothing to do with their advertisement. Take the above example again, if people who are masters in English themselves, then people will also see advertisements in television and newspapers, it is a waste of money because people who do not need that thing. He is not even looking for that topic, yet that advertisement comes in front of his eyes, that’s why this method of advertising is very expensive and a waste of money.

On the contrary, when we advertise on these search engines, then our advertisement is visible only to those who want to do English speaking course. Or are looking for English speaking courses and that is why buying advertisements on search engine marketing proves beneficial and it also increases the chances of getting good punishing results. Where the education level of the people is very high and the internet is within their reach, then such advertisements prove very effective. Because in this kind of marketing you have many synonyms available. If you talk about Google, then you have to create an account on Google ADS to buy ads on Google.

Types of advertising campaigns

Here you can run different types of advertising campaigns for your brand such as search ad, display ad, Smart ad, Video ad aur shopping ad, as shown below.

Important Tip: – If you want to advertise your YouTube channel, please create an account of Google Edward with the same email ID from which you have created a YouTube account.

Then the next page will open as shown in the picture below. Then you have to target your advertisement that what you want to get by showing the advertisement. Such as wanting to add new customers via phone, or tell them about their services on the phone before finalizing any hearts with their customers. Or want to get calls from new customers for your business. So get synonymous with Get more calls.

If you have a local business such as hotels, malls etc. And you want people to come and buy your services or products. You offer an online store or a service that is completely online. Want people to buy your services or products through your website, then you get more visits to your physical location. You can choose the round number.

The world’s top ten most popular search engines

You have a website and you want people to come to it and leave their details above the subscribe form. There, you can also choose a round with three numbers, or you can Experienced with Google Ads? You can choose your goal on the next page by clicking here.

It is the world’s top ten most popular search engine. More than 80% of these people all over the world prefer Google to get information or search online. And in India, about 90 percent or more people prefer Google search engine to search for anything online. After that on number two, Bing Yahoo and Baidu are search engines. So if you used only Google and Bing for your search engine marketing, then the brand name in your business will increase the traffic on the website and this will increase your sales. I can also increase significantly.


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