What is Local SEO or you can say What is Google My Business or GMB? How to create your account in Google My Business? How to add your company or shop on Google My Business? If you are the owner of a company or any business and want to increase leads and profits. Then you read this post completely.

Everybody wants to get ahead in business, even after we have all the facilities, our business is not able to grow. There are many reasons why we will talk about one of those reasons. Your shop or company has to be digital or listing your shop or company in Google

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What is GMB?

First of all, we should know what is Google My Business. It is a tool that gives us the option to show our business in Google. We can do the listing in Google with the help of our GMB. So that if someone searches our shop or company, then they will get the information about our shop very easily.

What is Google My Business of GMB

With GMB, you can add your profile and promote your business. This is a great tool, it must be used for business. GMB is absolutely free, you will be able to add your business to google very easily. You can use GMB Whatsapp to connect your customers.

How to create your account in Google My Business

What is Google My Business or GMB

1. You need to go to Google My Business site

2. Here you have to create your account, for that you have to click in sign in and write the name of your bussines.

3. Now you have to choose your business category, consider which category your business belongs to. Suppose the school or restaurant in which category your business comes.

4. You will be asked some information related to your business, if you know your business address, phone number, website, then give all the information

5. After giving all the information, google will send a verification code to your given address to verify the address you have given

6. When google’s verification code comes in your address, you will enter it and verify your Business account

7. Within a few days your business will appear in google

Final Words

Hope you guys have our post, what is GMB. If you have any questions, then you can ask us to answer your questions. Would be happy

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