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Today we will talk about what are the Latest Top 7 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2021.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Real Time Marketing

Nowadays, customers do not have time if they have any doubt or query, then wait for 1 day for the marketer’s call to come. They need answers at the same time. The solution is a chatboat which gives them an answer right away.

Predictive Modeling with Big Data

You must have heard the name of Big Data, nowadays, by analyzing what you are shopping for, the software finds out what you are going to purchase in the future, and then you will see the ad which you are more likely to purchase. So there is no waste in marketing and marketing is such that results can come.

Omni-Channel Marketing

You must have heard of digital marketing and traditional marketing, but what is omnichannel marketing? This is its integration. You go to the store and there you touch and feel the product and see it using it completely. But back you come home and check on the online site what its price is and wherever the price is low, you buy from there. All the increased e-commerce companies have opened big showrooms so that you can do omnichannel marketing.

Use of Artificial Intelligence – AI

Marketing is going to be very intelligent in the coming time. An example of this is the recommendation engine, ie the suggestion engine. It suggests you to buy products that you may like. Facebook suggests that you can send a connect request to friends.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP

This will load the website quickly, in less than 5 seconds.

Augmented Reality

Customers want to experience the product before purchasing. Imagine you go to the shop for furniture. Ikea is an example. If you point the phone to the furniture, you can see how the sofaset will look in the living room and if you like it, you can buy it.

Video Marketing

The video is more powerful because it has a story and characters in the story. Video contains emotions and trust is formed

I hope these Top 7 Trends of Digital Marketing in 2021 will help you in streamlining your business. Also, these Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 will help in the growth of your business.


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