Search Engines help us to search for different information. Search Engines collect images, videos, movies, and talk to or communicate with many other people across the world. A web browser is a software application used to retrieve or access information from the internet i.e World Wide Web. Whenever the user requests any particular website by entering the URL, the web browser shows them the relevant results. So let’s see what are the search engines and web browsers.

Search Engines

Google Search Engine

It’s the most widely used search engine across the world since its inception. It’s been changing the world in a very radical way.

Yahoo Search Engine

After Google, comes Yahoo! Yahoo was older than Google but could not keep its market share and stands and a second position. In today’s search engine category

Bing Search Engine

Bing is the default search engine from Microsoft. Very easily seen in all the marks of devices and can be used with the marks of products.

Baidu Search Engine

Baidu is a search engine most widely used in China. Although it is not that much popular or known across the world. But by the way is a very popular search engine and having almost 95% markets here in China. It dominates the search engine market. Google only has a five percent market share in China.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is a widely used search engine in Russia Google. Although have good markets, Yandex is coming up as a more accepted search engine in Russian territory and the nearby areas of countries of Russia.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine popular because people use it as a proxy or a VPN. Google or other search engines don’t work as DuckDuckGo quite perfectly. DuckDuckGo don’t store any user information. So if you are not ready to share your user information, you can use it. is a very old search engine. Currently, it is not that much used but I have seen in some PCS where Virus Infection happens. It is used to be a default browser here. It is also an old Search Engine but doesn’t have that much wide market share like Google Yahoo, or Bing. But, it still used by many users.

After these search engines I would like to add because it has a time and dates wise storage of pages from different websites. We can search for them using the time or the website page or any other way. So we can definitely Be buried in the list of us watching now. We are coming to will form a good for my is also coming up as a good search engine providing you many officers to search for information data in a categorized manner. I request you to see this side because it provides you very interesting way of finding data.


Then comes Wikipedia, I would not say Wikipedia is a search engine. But Wikipedia also provides you much information that is not available on other websites. Even Google also prefers to Wikipedia results in its own search results. You can find millions of pages in Wikipedia which provide quality information.

Now, let’s discuss about leading web browsers:

Web Browsers

Google Chrome Web Browser

When we talk about browsers then Google Chrome is the leading browser across the world having the largest markets. It comes from Google and integrates with Google search and provides very good functional results. Also, Google Chrome supports many extensions that help in the Digital Marketing process. Google Chrome download is very easy. Web Chrome Store is very beneficial for using helpful chrome extensions.

Firefox Web Browser

Then we’ll come to Firefox. It’s an open-source browser, even you can change it for your own purpose, but it comes to the second position and provides a good working condition which a high amount of protection. Firefox download is very easy.

Opera Mini Web Browser

Then comes, Opera Mini. Opera Mini is most widely used in mobiles. But gradually it is also getting accepted in PCs.

Internet Explorer

They will come to Internet Explorer. all the old Microsoft disease have an older version of Internet Explorer and it is still being used by many users.


Then definitely we’ll talk about Safari. It is the default browser for Apple Mac disease and those devices which are under Apple or Mac. It is not having that much bigger market here, but still, it is being used by the users of these systems.

Microsoft Edge

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft changed Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. It is the new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and is far better than Internet Explorer.

I hope this blog about Search Engines and Web Browsers is helpful to you and gives better understanding of them.

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