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You have been using Instagram or IG regularly. It is one of the best Social Media Platforms for maximum engagement and promotions. You must have also used Instagram Video Downloader through Instagram App. Have you also used Instagram Bots to increase Free Instagram Likes or Free Instagram Followers fast? If yes, what do I know about Instagram Bots? Should you use them? And I will tell you everything about the advantages and disadvantages of using them!

Currently, Instagram has become quite serious! Seeing the followers of a famous celebrity, we also want our followers to be in the number of millions! This is why many people use Instagram Bots!

However Instagram Bots help to increase Instagram Followers in the right way! But how many people do not even know what advantages and disadvantages they can have by doing so! So today we will talk about this! Should you use such things or not?

Instagram Bot

You can easily increase your followers without any Instagram Bots! I hope you will understand all the things after reading this post completely!

There are some such websites that help in increasing our followers in this way! So is the method of all those websites right? So on this issue, we will talk about these following!

  • What are Instagram Bots?
  • How do they work?
  • Should you use them?

And can you quickly increase Instagram Followers in some other way?
If you want to know these four things then this post is definitely for you! So, let’s quickly come to our topic without delay! And know about the Advantages and Disadvantages of this method!

What are Instagram Bots?

First of all, before knowing this, we get to know about Bots! After all, what are these Bots? So actually Bots are a type of Internet Robot! Which automate your work! Meaning first you teach them, then they do your important work in Instagram Automation!

Now let’s talk about Instagram Bots! So the robots that automate things in Instagram are called Instagram Bots!

It is a matter of what they are! Now, how does it work? How do they automate things in our profile?

How do Instagram Bots work?

We have already realized that they automate things related to our account! But how does this automation happen or for what? It remains to be known! So let’s get to know it quickly too!

There are some important things in our Instagram account that we do by ourselves! But these are some things that Instagram Bots do in a very short time and easily! for example:

  • Auto-follow
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Deleting Comment
  • Auto Deleting Post

Apart from these, there are other things as well, these Bots explode quickly! You too can understand this thing! If we do these things by ourselves, it may take a long time!

Suppose you have to like 1000 posts, comment on 2000 posts, follow 500 people or delete your old photos, can you do so many things in a short time?

No no, people take the help of Instagram Bots to do these things! And of course, these things automate these things in a very short time! And you don’t even know when this work is done!

Now if you talk about some popular Instagram Bots, then followLiker, Mass Planner, robolike and InstaGress come in them! That automate your post or other things! Now let’s talk should you use these things?

Should You Use Instagram Bots?

If I say it directly or in my own opinion, then you should not use Instagram Bots! There is so much to do then why not? You must ask this question! All these questions arising in your mind will be answered!

Somewhere they are a thing of profit! Which will make you feel good for the short-term! But this is not good for your Instagram account! I will tell you 3 such reasons which will make you believe that they can be harmful for Long-Run!

Harmful For Your Account

Yes, it can be Harmful for your Instagram Account! They can give Unexpected Problem for your account! Which can be very fatal for your account! how? Let’s know!

Instagram Bots can ban you, maybe block you! And this possibility also increases greatly that maybe they can also delete / terminate your account forever!

Break Your Security

Recently, a Data Service company in its research found that more than 28% of these Instagram Bots can be harmful to your security! Because somewhere they will leak your private data!

And because of this harmful activity, breaking your password can also hack your account! So I would say that you should avoid the use of such bots!

Against Instagram Policy

One of the reasons for all this is that you cannot use Bots for your account! Because it is against Instagram Terms and Conditions!

Now you must have understood that doing all this is not right! I mean it is wrong to go against some privacy! Going against this, your account can also be terminated for Permanent! According to me, you are better only if you remain within the scope of the policy.

How to increase followers without Instagram Bots?

After knowing their loss, it is important to know that in what other ways can we increase Instagram followers! Which is also Legal, Protected and Useful!

Yes, these methods are legal but it may take you a long time! If you are truly serious about your Instagram account then you should do this!

Tip: I will tell you some good and safe way, ignoring all these methods! Which you can do by yourself! If it is legal then it will take more time for you!

Do It Yourself

Like I said if you are serious about your Instagram followers and you want to make yourself an Influencer, then it will be fine for you!

Here you need to pay more attention to your profile! Stay active on Instagram as much as possible! Do 2-3 posts daily! Comment on another post! I mean you have to spend all your time here and do everything by yourself!

Whenever You Have Time

You got it right! Hours, minutes or howsoever you get time! Manage Instagram in that free time! I mean whenever you get time, whatever time you have, do it otherwise don’t! It depends on your choice!

So friends, this is my opinion and view on Instagram Bots! Comment by commenting what you say! And ask your questions too!

Last word

So this was information about Instagram Bots! By the way, its benefits are many and losses are dangerous too! You can use it or not! It may be that your Account Terminate is not there! Or it could also be that your account gets terminated forever!

It depends on your own judgment and risk! But once again, I would say that both you and I should avoid such things!

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