Hello, today we will discuss image optimization for SEO and will know why image optimization is important for our blog. Optimized images bring your post to the first page in the search engine. Every blogger wants the speed of his website to be fast and images have a great impact on the speed of your website, by optimizing the image, we can make the speed of our website very good.

Let’s start

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is a process in which we reduce the size of an image without explaining it with the quality and optimize it to get rank in the search engine.

While doing Search Engine Optimization, we have work on the name and ALT Tag of the images

Why should I optimize images?

Image Optimization is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this, we have to compress, make the proper size of the images and most important using ALT Tag for every image.

Now we have to explain to the search engine why the image that is in that blank space is used, so the images are optimized and there are many more reasons for which this process is done.

Why Image Optimization Important

How to do Image Optimization?

So now you must have understood the meaning of image optimization and you will know why you should optimize the image. Now I am going to tell you that image optimization kaise kare so that you can bring your blog to the search result.

You have to keep in mind one thing, the methods that I am going to tell you, you have to read them carefully because by using all these methods you can bring your blog to the search result.

So let’s start

Use image related to post

The images used in the post tell about your post, the user looks at the photo and guesses what he will get to read in the post.

Optimized images help in increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate)

Optimize Image Name

Always use the keyword while saving the images. This helps in getting good ranking in search engines.


If you are writing a post on “Seo friendly Blog Post kaise likhe”, then you have to name the image used in it “seo-frienly-blog-post.jpg”, in this way your image will become seo friendly

Image Alt Tag Optimization

Alt tag is the most important part of optimization. If we use alt tag text, then the search engine crawl the alt tag.

To boost the post in the search engine, you should use your keyword in alt tag. When the search engine crawls it, it will understand what this image is about.


If you are writing a post on “On page seo kaise kare”, then you should use “On page seo” in the alt tag.

Image size optimization


If I talk, I use the image size 700 × 380 in my post.


Many tools are available on WordPress to optimize the image

Image Compression


I keep the volume of the image used in my post from 50kb to 70kb only.

You can use imagecompressor to compress online images,

Choose the image format correctly

Image formats are quite different, but in blog posts, it is right to use two types of formats .jpg and .jpeg,

In both these formats, even if we reduce the size of our image, still its quality does not matter and the volume of these files is also reduced. This file’s volume is between 40kb and 60kb.

Create an Image Sitemap

You should also maintain an image sitemap in your blog like we maintain a sitemap of our posts. This helps your images to be indexed in google search and even when Googlebot crawl your website, it makes it easy to understand your website.

If your blog is on wordpress, you can use jetpack plugin, this plugin generates image sitemap automatically.

Use the Image optimization plugin

It is good to use a plugin for Image Optimization for SEO, if your blog is on wordpress then you will find a lot of plugins there, using which you can optimize the image of your post.

EWWW Image Optimizer
WP Smush Optimizer
Shortpixel image optimizer
TinyPNG: compress JPEG & PNG images
These are all image optimizer plugins that you can use very easily.

Some of these plugins also optimize your old image.

WP Smush optimizer

I use WP Smush optimizer on my blog. When I used it for the first time, I optimized all the images of my blog from it together.

You get the option to optimize bulk images in it.

When I load any image in my post, it automatically reduces its size, which gives me great benefit.

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