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In this blog, we’re going to look at the digital marketing strategy framework. Now to begin with there are a number of options in digital marketing and so many that is very important to come up with a marketing plan. For that you will need to have a framework in mind.

Digital Marketing Framework

Now different Frameworks do exist. But they all cover different cool elements. The part that you will need for all good digital marketing plans are

  • What
  • Who
  • Why
  • When
  • How
  • Where and
  • Measure and Optimize.


Part of it is based on your offer? What are you Marketing in general? You’re marketing a business or an organization and its products and services. This is where you articulate what it is that the business does exactly and products or services, but you are offering. What’s the Business model and what’s the value proposition? These are the kinds of questions that are covered in the what part of that digital marketing framework.


Very simple is the customers who are your customers.


It covers the customer journey. Now not all customers will know about you and what you are offering your marketing will depend on where out on when the customer. He’s ready to receive it the most important part of any digital marketing framework for my audition marketing plan.


Why are your marketing objectives? Marketing objectives can be things like increasing sales, increasing brand awareness or having traffic to driving traffic to your website or your app.


The next part is HOW. It is more about your message. Your message and your content. The content that you are using to reach your customers?


Where is of course the channels where your customers are likely to be found? Now, there aren’t very many channels. And your marketing will depend on the channels that you choose to reach your audience. The combination of all of these parts is known as tactics. Tactics are essentially actions that you will take in the digital world to accomplish your marketing plan.


Everything that you do in digital marketing can be tracked. That’s the beautiful thing about digital marketing. Is that everything that you do can be tracked? That’s what we call measure. That’s the MEASURE. what gets measured gets managed and managing for success is what we call optimization. Now every time that you set out to do digital marketing. You will need to get every part right and completed if you wanted to succeed if you want it to be efficient and effective.


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