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Today we will talk about a very interesting topic which is YouTube SEO. In this blog, I will provide you very useful Youtube Tips which are very important to those who are planning to start earning from Youtube.

YouTube is a very popular search engine in the world. 3 Million videos are uploaded every day. For those who want to earn money from the internet, YouTube has provided the very best opportunity. You can start earning through the YouTube Partnership Program. But by monetizing by uploading a video on YouTube, earning money is not so easy. If you do not know at all about YouTube SEO Optimization, then it is difficult to earn money from YouTube. This is a simple way by which we can tell the search engines on which topic our video is.

Youtube SEO

In this YouTube SEO Tutorial, you will go about making Video Search Engine Friendly because you cannot make money without following YouTube SEO Tips. You have to understand Video SEO first of all and then you have to apply. Only then You will be able to achieve your target, so first read the Step by Step Optimization Guide and learn how to make the video SEO Friendly.

1. Find Keywords For Youtube Video SEO

This is the most important step. Find out the Keyword for Video. Mostly what we do is make a video and upload it to YouTube and share it, without any Keyword and SEO. It is absolutely wrong if you are on YouTube. You use it for marketing or to earn money. If you are Passionate about YouTube, then it is very important for you to know Video SEO. In which the first step is to do a unique Keyword Search for your video.

Mostly 2 Tools can help you very much to find out keywords for Video:

but if you look at other factors with a little sharp mind, then it would be better but that later Now we will focus only on Basic YouTube SEO.
How To Find Video Keywords
Finding out the Keyword for your New Video is the most difficult of all, but for this there are many tools with which you can search the video keyword.

Google Keyword Planner Tool: By using GKP, you can search Keyword for your video as well as check the competition, but this process needs to be done very carefully. Keyword with this much monthly search will be best for you, And Later On Check Out Competition For That Keyword You’re Select For Video Optimization.

2. Create Best Youtube Video – Create Great Video

This is the most important thing and also worth noting, would you like to see videos in your Smarphone that are in 3gp? According to me ‘no’. So video quality matters a lot and helps you a lot in YouTube SEO, we all know that good quality videos are all liked and you should do the same for your youtube video, overall video quality youtube SEO I am very important, now I will tell you about some such User Experience Metrics that YouTube uses and gives our videos high and low rank.

3. User Experience Metrics, which YouTube uses

You have also seen videos on YouTube a lot of times and maybe you have notices or not, but I tell my experience here, I do not watch videos on which there are more dislikes than Likes. How much you have liked this thing is known from here and secondly, the comments you make on the videos also tell the User Experience, so what we see and think is exactly what YouTube also does and that too User Experience Does not ignore and decides the rank of a video based on that. Here I am doing a Photo Mention which will be very helpful to understand User Experience.

4. YouTube Video Ranking Factors

Youtube SEO

As you saw in the photo above, what are the ranking factors that YouTube uses to give rank to a video, in which most of the factors are mentioned here, so that they will help in YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization.

5. Youtube Video Title Tag Information

When uploading videos to YouTube, what should be the title of our video so that a newsworthy heading with SERPs also happens and we get more views, keep in mind that a better title helps a lot in your video SEO as much as Try to make the title unique as much as possible, it is best for optimization and this is what YouTube uses later and gives the video a rank

6. Audience Retention

In youtube seo optimization, Audience Retention, What Viewers React on Your Videos It also matters a lot if your video is doing Audience Like, then it is best for Search Ranking of our videos and know YouTube on Dislike It seems that Audience does not like videos and then is ranked down, so always keep the Audience in mind and make videos that they like, this will be the best SEO practice.

7. Keyword Description Tag

After Title Tag and Audience Retention in Video Optimization, the important factor is to have the Main Keyword in the video description, if you have correctly used the keywords in the description of the video, then it is best for SERPs and in Google |

8. Youtube Tags

If you upload a video on YouTube, make sure to use tags, this helps a lot in searching, and views are also increased.

9. Youtube Video Length

Video length is most important for YouTube SEO, if the video you have created is less than 5 Minute length then your video will not get high rank and it will be worse than SEO’s Point of View, so whenever you video Try to keep its length longer than 5 minutes, it will be best for your video’s Search Engine Optimization Process.

10. Number of Youtube Subscribers After Watching

After watching the video, how many people subscribe to your channel, it is also very important, this gives your channel YouTube and good priority, if there is no growth in Channel Subscribers due to Views Increase, then YouTube Channel Down And this factor, YouTube uses So Keep in Mind It |


As I have told my experience above, you must have also paid attention to this, Positive Comments affect both your video and SEO very much. If there are positive comments then YouTube will rank your video on the top page otherwise user Keeping the experience in mind, will down. It all depends on the quality and topic of your video.

12. Likes & Dislikes

Likes & Dislikes number is also an important part of YouTube Ranking Factors, so pay attention to this and make more and more videos by looking at more and more Likes.

13. Shared By Viewers

Video Sharing effects everything related to your YouTube channel with increasing views. More Sharings, High SERPs, for this you can create other social accounts related to your channel which is only for your YouTube channel and Audience is also related to your YouTube channel topic (Niche) Both Are Important |

14. Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Thumbs up & Thumbs Down, it is also important for both your channel and video to focus on Thumbs up as much as possible and take Thumbs Down queue seriously and do not repeat the next time mistake.

15. Upload videos keeping YouTube SEO in mind

Here’s how to extract the most SEO value from your video. In this list i am going to share with you some killer tips which will help you in optimization.

Video Filename: When you are sure that you have followed all the steps mentioned above, now is the time to upload videos to YouTube with SEO. The first thing in this process is to change the Video File Name, So set the video file name using your Most Desired Keyword.

Video Title: The title of your video should be 5 words long, so you will be able to add the keyword to the title of your video well. Use the main keyword of your video in the title, it would be better for SEO.

Video Description: The description of the video is very important. It is the Place of Keyword where you have to add your keywords to the description, keeping maximum attention.

  • Use the Keyword 2 times in the Starting 30 Words of Video Description.
  • Use Newsworthy Heading to create a unique title.
  • Keep the Video Description in 250 Words only.
  • Use Keyword only 4-5 times.

These optimization tips google is enough to search YouTube for searching which Niche (subject or theme) is your video.

Now, you have followed all YouTube SEO Tips but now you regularly monitor your videos and channel and share videos more and more for which you can use Yahoo Answers, Quora, Facebook, Google Plus, etc …. Social You can use Platforms, your video will get a good backlinks, and search engine ranking will be strong.


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