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When I was asked to run a Google AdWords campaign, I was new. I thought it would be very difficult and annoying. However, after knowing the primary things, I came to know that this is a very easy and effective medium for digital marketing. AdWords was launched on 23 October 2000. Salar Kamangar first introduced the imagination of Google AdWords. He was the first business executive who saw the opportunity to make AdWords a platform. Scott Bannister then expressed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising on keyword-based search results. Today, 1 million advertisers worldwide use Google AdWords for marketing. Through this, they can reach their audience, raise awareness, and increase leads and sales for their business online. This article will provide a complete guide to Google AdWords / Google Ads. You will be able to know about the primary things of Google AdWords.

Google Adwords is now known by Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads

Google Ads or G Adwords is a platform for Google to advertise on Google search and Google partner websites (Google Display Network). Therefore, Google makes more and more money through the Google Ads platform. Most of the money comes through Google Ads where the advertiser has to pay Google to advertise with Google Ads.

How Google Ads work?

Google Ads or G Adwords works on the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) model. (RTB) means advertisements are bought or sold at real-time auctions at the time of web page loading.

Pool Marketing (Pulling the Market): Search ads are pool based ads where a user searches Google for a product or services, then actively searches for products or services. Also, the business gets an opportunity to show their advertisement which can be visible to the target audience, increase their traffic and they can create a conversation.

Key words based targeting: Search ads are completely dependent on words, advertisers can decide which words to trigger. For this reason, search ads are becoming a highly targeting channel in digital marketing.

High Conversation Rate: Search ads always have a high conversation rate because the user actively searches for products or services, which is why the user who does the search increases the chance of interaction compared to push marketing.

Less Loss of Budget: Search Ads give an opportunity to the target base of the words, due to this, there is very little loss of budget. Additionally, advertisers can use their budget effectively on search ads, which leads to a high investment return and low cost acquisition.

Direct call to business: Through search ads on mobile devices, advertisers can link their ads to the respective mobile number. After clicking the advertisement, the user can talk directly to the business user. Straightforward talk is beneficial for local business such as restaurants, spas, and saloons.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Universal app ads

Google Search Ads

Google Search ads are triggered when someone searches Google. Advertisers can decide which words to trigger and which not.

On a Google search, there are 4 full ads on a page, 4 ads above and 3 ads below the search result. Ex: When a user searches Google for “Resort in Shimla”, then the results will be seen like this.

Google Ads

Google Display Ads

When you browse the website, you must have seen display ads. They can also come right, up, down or between the contents of the page. Display ads are also known as banner ads or image ads. See below an example of Google Display Ad

Display Ads

The display where the “i” sign is on the right side of the display ad is triggered through Google Ads. Ads that do not have “i” mark on the right side are not triggered by Google.

Display ads are dependent on triggers that include words, websites, interests, topics. Display ads appear on the website that supports advertising.

If the advertiser has to monitor their website through Google Ads, then they have to put the code of Google Ad Sense in their website.

Benefits of Google Display Ads

Push Marketing: Google Display Ads are push based where advertisers can target their target audience through topics, websites, keywords. By pushing content pieces to target audiences, advertisers can reach as many audiences as possible, creating awareness about their brand, production, or services that can turn into conversations.

Build Brand: If the business is new in the market, then it is important for the business to be visible to the target audience and communicate the brand to them. Display ads are a more powerful form of advertising in this case, which aggressively helps brands build on digital media. Many advertisers buy their home page inventory directly from publishers when they launch their production.

Brand Recall: Display ads are shown multiple times when the target user browses online, causing brand recall. Advertisers target the same user on different devices as well as keep their brand through YouTube building.

Re-market users: The audience who have visited the website helps advertisers to display display aids to the advertiser. Re Marketing Ads means reminder (reminding) who have visited online by showing interest in your production. Re Marketing Ads helps in increasing online Conversation Rate, which is an effective way of marketing online production.

Google Video Ads

Google Video Ads These are video ads that are run on YouTube or Google partner sites. Video ads are push marketing ads that are targeted through audience interest, topics, YouTube channels.

Video Ads

It is a good way to showcase your production demo, brand video, customer feedback, how to create a video, case study etc. Video tells your story to the audience, Video Ads is effective in recalling the brand which tells your production story to the user.

Benefits of Video Ads

Reaching more people: YouTube is the number 3 most visited website and has 1.6 billion active users on it every month. This means a lot of audience and you reach them through YouTube according to their geographical or interest. Can

Creating awareness: Video is an effective medium in digital media if the brand wants to create awareness about their production. Many advertisers can reach their audiences by creating effective videos, connecting with the audience and putting their impact on the user’s mind.

High brand recall: High brand recall occurs in video ads as it is presented to the audience in the form of a story. Videos should be made in such a way that the audience will get the right message about the brand and remember it.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are such ads which are presented as images on Google search. An example of Google Shopping Ads ia as below:

Shopping Ads

Minimum requirements to run Shopping Ads

Merchant Center Account: An advertiser must have a merchant center account. In the Merchant Center account, you can add all the details of your production including their price, color, size, and brand. You cannot run shopping ads without a merchant center account.

Product Based Website: To buy your product, it is necessary to have a product listing with payment method on the website. According to Google, products that can be delivered door step, similarly as T-shirts, jeans, mobile phones, and camera. At-home tuition training institutes cannot run shopping aids as training is considered a service and not a production.

Adding AdWords to Merchant Center: After entering all the production information at Merchant Center, this account can be linked with Google AdWords account.

Benefits of Shopping Ads

Affordable: Due to the click on low cost, shopping ads are economical. As compared to the usual search ads the entire cost of sales costs less.

Higher return of investment: Shopping ads are displayed with the image, therefore it attracts more buyers, which increases the conversation rate.

More Inventory Product Advertising: Through shopping ads, more inventory products can be shown on the website. Advertisers can save time by uploading different types of product information together and it becomes easier to advertise.

Universal App Ads

Universal app ads are the ads that advertisers can do through the mobile app. If the business has a mobile application, then the customer needs to install the app. Later the businessmen can run these app leaflets.

Universal App Ads allows the advertiser to call Google Search Ads, Google Play Store, Google Display Ads and Video Ads on YouTube. Also, Google AdWords creates a variety of forms of advertising on its own.


Finally, you have come to know about Google AdWords in this complete guide and their benefits. The Return On Investment ROI will be improved by Google Ads



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