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In this modern internet, online and digital era, digital marketing is a concept that is very attractive. That is why we want to know about digital marketing very well. There are numerous jobs in Digital Marketing. We definitely want to know about the various careers in Digital Marketing. Even now in India, the concept of ‘digital marketing’ is very attractive. Despite being new, which has huge growth potential. According to an estimate by Human Resource Experts, over 3 lakh jobs are available in digital marketing in India.

Digital Marketing: An Introduction

Digital marketing is the marketing of various products and services using various digital technologies on the Internet. This includes mobile phones, display advertising and other digital mediums. Definition of digital marketing – marketing of goods and services using digital channels to reach consumers. Its main objective is to promote different brands through different methods of digital media. Digital marketing has moved beyond Internet marketing and also uses channels that do not use the Internet, such as SMS and MMS on mobile phones; Marketing through social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing and other channels of digital media. Pizza Hut’s digital media campaign is a successful example of digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides a mass market and consumer base to all types of businesseses at an affordable cost. It has a good facility for interaction with targeted consumers. Feedback from targeted consumers is very important to get good results and benefits in business.

Popular Modes of Digital Marketing

Email marketing
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Display advertising
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Radio advertising
Content marketing
Affiliate marketing
Online public relations.

Essential Skills to make a Careers in Digital Marketing

In recent years, digital talent has increased significantly in India. According to a survey, 76% of digital talent is present in India as compared to the countries involved in the survey. Digital Marketing Careers require different skills as mentioned below:

  • Sales skills
  • Master in paid social media advertising
  • Mastery in specific marketing channels
  • Objective thinking skills
  • Attractive Personality
  • Creativity and Analytical Skills
  • Skills to prepare and analyze marketing campaigns
  • Good knowledge of affiliate products and services marketing
  • Market competition information and analysis skills.
  • Top courses of digital marketing
  • CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Web analytics
  • Mobile marketing

Top Digital Marketing Institutes in India

To become an expert digital marketing expert, the question often arises in our mind. The question is from where to take a course in the field of digital marketing? Here is a list of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in India for your convenience. These institutes help in providing digital marketing internships thus creating jobs in digital marketing. Doing these jobs help in making digital marketing careers. From these institutes you can take the desired course in digital marketing:

  • Simplilearn, Bangalore
  • AIMA – All India Management Association
  • NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) Digital Marketing
  • DSIM – Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  • Educart, Delhi
  • Learning Catalyst, Mumbai
  • Educristine
  • Digital science
  • Digital Academy, India
  • Naresh IT, Hyderabad

Top Free Online Courses Of Digital Marketing

  • Google online marketing challenge
  • Word stream’s ppc
  • Social Media Quick Starter Digital Marketing Course
  • Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification Course
  • Ellison Free Diploma in E-Business.

Top career options available in digital marketing in India

Social Media Marketing Expert

Digital marketing offers a lot of positive results in social media. Under this job profile, you must be a skilled person to bring website traffic so that you can efficiently perform tasks related to brand awareness and online presence through social media networks. To get the attention of consumers, you should have a good knowledge of showing paid and unpaid campaigns on the site so that viewers visit various social channels. According to a survey, 46% customer engagement can be achieved through social media updates. You should have information related to various social media advertisements. The annual average salary of a social media expert is Rs. 328,300 / – which has the effect of paid and unpaid social media campaigns.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

It is one of the most popular career options associated with the field of digital marketing. The job of a search engine optimizer is related to optimizing the visibility of the website or web page in the search engines’ unpaid results. The skill sets required for an SEO executive include keyword research, user experience optimization, the use of webmaster tools, managing duplicate content and building an index of pages, and other SEO-related tasks to achieve optimization. For good career growth in this field, you should have a good knowledge of SEO tools and you should have a certificate in the relevant field. The annual average salary of a search engine optimizer is Rs. 353,396 / -.

Digital Marketing Manager

If you have 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and you have excellent projects as a digital marketing expert, then you will prove to be a suitable candidate for this post. Expert digital marketing managers are in constant demand in almost all companies in the country and abroad. This post does not necessarily mean that you have obtained an MBA degree or a Certificate in Digital Marketing because your successful work projects and work experience testify in your favor. The annual average salary of expert digital managers is Rs 15 lakh – 20 lakh. Initially in some big companies, Rs 8 lakh. This annual salary package of Rs. Can reach 40 lakhs plus.

Email Marketing Manager

To become an email marketing manager, you need to know your audience well. Also, delivering emails, integrating social media, adding CTAs and optimizing your emails are included in your skill set. An email marketing manager is responsible for creating great marketing content for various email campaigns. He prepares various lists (according to country, city, company and interest) according to various target audiences and examines what is effective and not in relation to email marketing. These professionals also analyze the performance of email marketing campaigns. To become an expert in this career field, you must identify and know the behavior patterns related to your customers, trades and prospectus. Based on experience, expertise and certification, the annual average salary of email marketing managers is Rs. 4 lakhs – can be up to 8 lakhs.

Copy Writer

The copywriter is an important part of the digital marketing team that works closely with all other members. The job of a copy writer is to help the search engine marketer by preparing a good ad copy. Copy Writer helps the social media manager to post impressive words on various social media channels and helps the content team refine their content to get better results. In many organizations, the special post of copywriter is determined in the team of digital marketing. Average annual salary of copywriters is Rs. There can be from 3.5 lakh to 10 lakh, which has a great impact on your experience, creativity and work skills.

Other Options for Careers in Digital Marketing

There are other options for making Careers in Digital Marketing which are as below:

  • Digital marketing director
  • Digital Agency Account Manager & Sales Director
  • Analytical manager
  • CRM & Email Marketing Manager
  • Web Developer / Web Designer
  • Social Media Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Seo Expert / Manager
  • PPC / SEM Expert / Manager
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Content Marketer

Top Recruitment Sectors for Digital Marketing Professionals in India

  • FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • IT & ITES
  • Media
  • PR and Advertising
  • Consultancy
  • Market Research
  • Public Sector Enterprises

Salary Package in Digital Marketing in India

The annual salary of an entry-level digital marketer in our country is Rs. Rs 3 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh is. With increasing experience in this field, salary also increases. Average salary of Digital Marketing Manager is Rs. 4.9 lakhs annually and an experienced digital marketing expert Rs. Can earn up to 2.5 lakhs per month.


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