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One uses tricks like Blogger to get top rank in search results. In Black Hat SEO, we work against search engine guidelines which is why Google leads our website towards Penalty. Many new bloggers want to rank their website or blog quickly, for which they use Black Hat SEO Techniques. These techniques can get you instant results, but over time, it also has the opposite effect, your ranking may decrease. And Google can completely blacklist / block your site from search results.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Today we will tell you about bad SEO techniques, by which you can also prevent your website from getting blocked.

Keyword Stuffing

In this trick, you repeatedly write the same keyword on your entire blog, which is called Keyword stuffing. The user has a bad experience reading the blog.

This technique was very popular and many bloggers started using it to get the top rank, still many people use it. Keyword stuffing is Black Hat Techniques. If you do this then Google can Penalize your website.
Use keywords properly when writing content. Always check that the keyword density should not be more than 1.5% – 2% in your content. In addition, use of LSI Keywords.


In Cloaking, your website has different content for the search engine and when the user comes to the website, it sees different content and the blogger sees different content to the search engine. This process is called cloaking.

Cloaking is used by spam websites to avoid and misguide search engine bots. Cloaking violates Google’s Guidelines.

Unrelated Meta Description

Meta Description is used for writing a summary of the content which users see in SERPs. We should not use repeated keywords and unrelated keywords in the meta description to get more searches by the users.

Article Spinning

Many users consider themselves smarter than Google and use third-party tool or website to spin the content of popular blog. And publish it on our blog. Often the new blogger does not know much about it, often make this mistake.

Duplicate Content

Nowadays copying content is becoming very popular. Many bloggers want to earn money at work time due to which they copy the content. The copied content get their Google Adsense blocked.

Invisible Keyword

You must have understood with Invisible, in this technique we hide the keyword, such as changing the color of the keyword, so that these words are not visible to the user.

We hope this post has cleared all your doubts about Blackhat SEO. Always use white hat SEO strategy. Stay updated with Webmaster guidelines so that you can avoid black hat SEO techniques.

Paid Links (Link Exchange)

Google does not like paid links. Therefore, you should never use the link exchanges websites (“You link me, I will link you”), it can be fatal for your website. Do not use any automated software to create Backlinks on your site.

Mirror Websites

In this process, a person makes many websites, but all those websites have the same type of content.

Invisible Iframes

This is some kind of process. Which is visible only to the user. In this, whenever the user comes to that website. So a file from the website automatically starts downloading in the background of the user’s computer. Which steals all the personal information of the user.

Link Framing

It is also called FFA pages. And their aim is to connect any new website or blog with lots of unrelated pages.

How to do White Hat SEO

There are many ways for this, we have already known what SEO is. But let’s repeat here once again.

Writing quality content is very important

Yes friends if you want to do white hat SEO. So it is very important that you have quality in your content. We have already known that how you can write quality content.

Use the title and meta tag correctly

By the way, we had also known this above. That you use Meta Tag in Black Hat SEO. But in white hat SEO, you also use Meta tag.
Here you use only keywords related to your content. You do not advertise any unnecessary keywords here. Like Black Hat SEO.

Do Internal Linking and External Linking

In white hat SEO, it is very important. That you must do internal linking and external linking. This helps the user to know about your other content or article. And your traffic increases not organically.

Keyword Research

Yes, Keyword research is the most accurate and important part of white hat SEO. In this, you have to analyze the article thoroughly and use keywords.

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

So till now we know what is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. And how do these two work. Let us understand what is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

  • Keyword stuffing is done in Black Hat SEO. Whereas in White Hat SEO, such keywords are targeted which are related to the article.
  • Black Hat SEO does not pay any attention to the quality of the content. Whereas this is the first and most important task in white hat SEO. That you have to pay special attention to the quality of your content.
  • Black Hat SEO uses some hidden links and text. Whereas White Hat SEO does not have anything like this. Everything looks neat and clean here.
  • Black Hat SEO is just what the search engine goes for. While white hat SEO is done for the user.
  • Search engine guidelines are not followed in black hat SEO whereas white hat SEO completely follows the search engine guidelines.
  • Black Hat SEO does not last long. White hat SEO is for your lifetime.
  • Black hat SEO has more chances of removing your website from the search engine. Whereas white hat SEO does not have anything like this.
  • In Black Hat SEO, you can quickly get rank. But the white hat SEO takes some time. But here your ranking is stable.


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