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We do not need to crunch the number. There are many tools on the Internet that you can use. Here is my recommendation for the Top 8 Best Digital Marketing tools that every digital marketer should use.

Google Search Console

Your website wants to talk to the search engine. You will talk through the search console. Is Google indexing your website? Is Google’s bot crawling it? Are there any errors in it? How many people are searching? How many times are they clicking on your website? All this data will be available from your Search Console. Always keep an eye on it.

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Google Keyword Planner

If you want to find out which keywords people are searching for, then the Keyword Planner will tell you this. Whatever content you have, you can optimize it for your keywords. You will also know which keyword should have a bid rate. So you target those keywords which have more volume and lower bid rate and competition. It will also benefit your business more.

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Google Trends

Tells you the data of trends. This tells how many searches of your own brand have been done in the last 5 years.

Best Digital Marketing Tools

You can compare this with your competitors. If competiton has more searches, and which keywords are they having more searches, from which place – all this tool tells. On the basis of this knowledge, you can create your own digital marketing strategy.

Fan Page Karma

If you also want to analyze all social media there is no better tool than this. Moreover, it can analyze websites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Are your fans engaging with you? What is their engagement rate? Is 1% becoming 2%? This tool will tell you How many people watched your video? How many are his views? How many people retweet you? What is your posting frequency? How many people do you answer? How much is your competitive benchmarking? All this will tell you Fan Page Karma.

Best Digital Marketing Tools


Twitonomy is a tool for Twitter. This can help you to know the followers of Twitter and your competitors. You tell yourself and your competitors’ retweet rates, social authority, follower growth rate.

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Follower Wonk

Through this you can find celebrities and influencers. Which bloggers are the thought leaders of your industry? Can they help with your marketing? You can know all this from Followerwonk.


Followerwonk gives a social authority score which is out of 100. With this, you can find celebrities and influencers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very important tool. With Google Analytics, you will know how many visitors are coming to your website. How many sessions is there, what is the conversion rate. What is their ticket size, which channels are they coming from?

Google Analytics


SEMRush will help you a lot in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) today. By this you will know how many of your users are coming to the site by searching and how much time you are spending on the site. You can compare such things with your competition.


If you use these 8 Best Digital Marketing tools, then your digital marketing will grow at a fast speed and your business will increase ten times as soon as possible.

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